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Updated: Mar 26

So, my son dropped an F bomb and I wrote a book about it. A humor book, relax...This book is a funny short-story with a simple message; parents can't control everything their child hears or sees. This book makes the perfect baby shower gift...let new moms know what they're in for.

The F Word, Small Paperback:

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Chicago resident, Paris Chanel can usually be found doing one of two things; writing or reading. She has been a lover of books for as long as she can remember. Her first book love was, The Hatchet by American writer, Gary Paulsen. She finished The Hatchet in two days and realized that books are an escape or a way to travel without leaving her room.

She first started writing stories at nine years old, mostly about her siblings and classmates. As she grew older, her stories matured and she dreamed of becoming a writer one day. She did not become serious about being a published author until she became a secretary at a hospital and shared a new story with the nursing crew every day. They encouraged her to pursue writing professionally.

Paris is a big kid at heart and has a knack for writing engaging stories for children and adults. Her own three children are the muses for her stories. She also writes young adult fiction, reviews of books, movies, shows, and articles about her feelings on different issues people face throughout the world.

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